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If you have additional questions, please contact member services at 1-800-506-NSBA (6722).



  • What is NSBA?

NSBA is a national association specifically geared to the needs of small businesses. We offer our members access to, and discounts on, products and services that are used in the course of conducting business. These benefits are specifically designed to help small businesses start, operate, manage, and grow their organizations at cost rates typically reserved for larger companies with greater buying power through independent benefit provider companies. Benefits include: travel, business and medical insurance, office products, computer equipment and software, furniture, wireless and long distance, electronic check recovery, merchant accounts, and over 100 additional benefits. .

  • What is the advantage
    of joining the National
    Small Business Alliance?

As a member of NSBA we’re offering you the opportunity to join the thousands of members nationwide in reducing your day-to-day operating expenses immediately and gaining access to products and services at rates typically reserved for large companies.

  • How much does it cost
    to join?

All fees are ACH debited out (electronically) of your checking account.

The enrollment fee is $149.95 which entitles you to try the benefits for up to 30-days. If you do NOT call to cancel, your account will then be debited $359.40 for your yearly membership dues which equates to $29.95 per month within 20 days of sign up.

  • When will I receive my membership kit?

Membership Portfolios are sent out first class mail two days after signing up. Realistically, a member should receive his/her kit well within 7 to 10 business days.

  • What’s in the kit?

Your membership kit contains all of your FREE GIFT Certificates, your membership card, listings of your benefits, instructions on how to access your benefits on line and through customer service, trial CD’s, inserts provided by our benefit providers, etc.


  • Players Vacation Club
  • MyComputerClub.com
  • $100 in FREE Gas
  • $100 in FREE Long Distance
  • 2 FREE Airfares
  • Budget Rent-a-Car discounts
  • DHL Discount Flyer
  • Insurance inserts
  • How to apply for credit cards
  • Merchant Account Information
  • Merchant Accounts

Through special partnerships with many merchant account providers, our members can now accept credit cards, ATM/debit cards and checks in one simple, cost-effective package. Members can access a wide array of products and services you won’t find with other providers, including a check guarantee program and an internet commerce enabling and processing program. Benefits include: A 98% acceptance rate – virtually every member will be approved, dedicated 24-hour, toll-free customer service in multiple languages, Special Internet processing rates and services. Member rates as low as 1.64%

  • Where are you?

We are headquartered and incorporated in Washington DC. Our address is National Small Business Alliance, Inc 601 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Ste 900 “S” Bldg Washington, DC 20004.
Telephone number is 202-661-4764

  • What are your hours?

Member Services hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time (PT) Monday through Friday


The toll free number is 1-800-506-NSBA (6722)

  • How do I get a refund?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with our services, simply return your Membership Kit to our Processing Center for a full refund.

Send your kit to;

NSBA Processing Center

PO Box 1630

Cathedral City CA 92235

You will be credited the prorated balance of your membership if after the 30 day return period.

Example: If they cancelled with 10 months left on their membership, they would only be eligible for 10 months X $19.95 per month or $199.50.

If eligible for a full refund, then they are to receive $339.35 ($99.95 enrollment fee plus $239.40 the yearly dues)

  • When will I get
    my refund?

Refunds are sent 30-days from the time we receive the membership portfolio back and are generally processed on Fridays, with checks being mailed first class on that day

  • Paper checks are
    sent as refunds

Sending paper checks provides us with hard copy indicating that in fact the check was cashed. It is the best way for us to track the transaction.

  • How did you get my number?

We only call small businesses. We get our prospect lists from commercially available Business to Business list providers. At some point, you identified yourself as a business.

  • 8,000 Line of Credit




Players Vacation Club






The $8,000 line of credit being offered by two of our benefit providers. $5,000 for Travel and $3,000 for computer hardware, software and peripherals, as well as office furniture. Both credit lines are interest free. No credit checks.

The 8,000 credit line is a motivation to get members to use the travel and electronics services. Please keep in mind that as an NSBA member, both providers are waiving their $89 per year membership fee that is a $178 value.

One line of credit is for $5,000 and is offered by Players Vacation Club. Travel can be booked interest free through their agency. They have a number of prepackaged vacations you can take advantage of using your line of credit. To use the program you simply select the trip you want to take, make a deposit and then pay the balance over time. Your monthly payment is then electronically deducted from your checking account.

Once you send in your activation certificate, Players Vacation Club will send you a user name and password to access their web site. Simply fill out the certificate on the back of the insert and mail it to the address indicated.

The other line of credit is for $3,000, interest free, and offered by MyComputerClub.com. MyComputerClub has a wide array of computer equipment, software and other electronics.

To use the program you select the equipment you want to take, make a deposit and then pay the balance over time. Your monthly payment is then electronically deducted from your checking account.

Once you send in your activation certificate, MyComputerClub.com will send you a user name and password to access their web site. The certificate is yellow. Simply fill out the certificate on the back as instructed on the insert and mail it to the address indicated.

  • How do I get my $100 for gas and Long Distance
    and my two free airfares?

In your membership kit you received three certificates. Simply fill them out and send them to our Processing Center. The address is indicated on the certificates. You will then receive your travel book for the two Free Air fares and redemption certificates for the Gas and Long Distance.

  • How do the free certs work?


Gas and Long Distance

To get your two free airfares, send in the airfare certificate included in the booklet to the listed address. We will then send you a pamphlet outlining the program. The free airfares are tied to hotel stays all over the country and world. Simply pick where you want to go and follow the guidelines in the booklet.

The gas and long distance redemptions are paid at a rate of $10 per month each. All you have to do is send in the redemption certificate with a copy of a gas receipt to be reimbursed for gasoline. For long distance you need to do the same; send in a copy of your long distance bill with your redemption cert. We will then send you a check and a redemption certificate for the next payment.

Checks are issued once each month.

  • How do I get a
    credit card?

Go to our website, (www.natlsba.com) click on the icon that says “Credit Cards” and it will take you to the credit card page. Simply click on the icon for the credit card you want and fill out the application. The credit card company will then let you know if you qualify and the amount of your line of credit. Please note that you do need to be credit worth to qualify.

  • What credit cards are available?

Check the web site

  • Wireless and Long Distance

We have a number of plans available through Cognigen. Simply Go to our website, click on “Benefits”, then on “Extraordinary Long Distance Rates” and review the plans.

  • How do I buy from Dell?



  • What discounts does
    Dell offer?

Go to the website, click on the second revolving icon on the top of the screen. Scroll until you see the Dell icon. It will take you to the Dell site.

Discounts vary week to week. Keep checking our web site for further information.



NSBA -- National Small Business Alliance - 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20004
800-506-6722 (NSBA)

NSBA is not associated with The National Small Business Association or
American Small Business Alliance